Hammer Testing

It is used for ferrous metals with high impact toughness, such as the impact toughness test of steel and its alloy materials. test. The manual impact testing machine adopts friction braking, and the operation handle completes the actions of dropping the hammer and braking, and can directly read the energy consumption of the punching sample on the reading plate; it has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

Technical parameters: Impact energy: 300 joules (sledgehammer) 150 joules (small hammer), measuring range and graduation value: 0-300J. Joule/, 0-150J, 1 joule/grid, pendulum hammer moment (impact constant): M300=175.7356J, M150=87.6678J, pendulum hammer pre-elevation angle: 135 degrees, the distance from the center of the pendulum axis to the center of the sample: 800mm, the impact speed: 5m/s, the span of the sample support: 40mm, the arc of the sample support Radius: R1.0-1.5mm, sample support surface inclination: 0 degrees.

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