Constant Temperature & Humid

Double 85
The double 85 test refers to the reliability test of the test sample under the condition that the temperature of the test chamber is set to 85 ℃ and the humidity is 85%. The "double 85" test is also a relatively rigorous reliability test. To compare the aging and some characteristic changes of the product before and after the "Dual 85" test, and then improve the product according to these transition defects. Usually the test time is more than 1000 hours, mainly to test the limit that the product can withstand in the harsh environment of high temperature and high humidity.

Scope of services: electronic electrician, communication technology, instrumentation, vehicle, medical treatment, plastic

Standards: IEC61215, IEC 61646, GB/T19394-2003, GB/T9535-1998, GB/T6492-1986, GB/T6494, GB/T6497, SJ/T2196; IEC61345-1998; IEC61646, GB 10592-89, GB10586- 89

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