Machinery and equipment


 1. Equipment required for high pressure accelerated aging life test: PCT (saturated RH) high pressure accelerated aging test machine; HAST (non-harmonic humidity adjustable) high pressure accelerated life test machine

 2. Temperature and humidity performance test; low temperature, high temperature, alternating damp heat test, high and low temperature impact test, constant humidity heat test, temperature change test, temperature and humidity combined cycle test;

 3. Corrosion resistance test: Kb salt spray test, alternating salt spray (sodium chloride solution) test, sulfur dioxide test of contact points and connecting parts, hydrogen sulfide test of contact points and connecting parts, flowing mixed gas corrosion test, cleaning effect medium Immersion test, high concentration sulfur dioxide test and atmospheric corrosion accelerated test.

 4. Climate and environmental tests: mold growth, low pressure test, low temperature/low pressure comprehensive test, high temperature/low pressure comprehensive test, sand and dust test, waterproof level test, high pressure steam constant damp heat test, wind pressure test, solar radiation test.

 5. Crash test: shock test, crash test, tipping and tipping test, sinusoidal vibration test, broadband random vibration test, steady acceleration test, brazing test, tilt and swing test, ricochet test, acoustic vibration test, shock/ Pendulum test.

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