Spring Impact Test

Springs can be used in construction machinery, transport vehicles, military, etc. During the use of the spring, it is often subjected to shock load, and after the spring is subjected to the shock load, the deformation speed is faster. However, the deformation and uneven stress distribution of the spring can lead to stress concentration, which may lead to permanent deformation of the spring, and may even cause the fracture and damage of the spring. Therefore, springs produced by manufacturers must be impact tested.

What is the impact test of the spring?

What is the spring impact test? The spring impact test is to test the performance of the spring under impact load to stabilize the size of the spring, improve the bearing capacity of the spring, identify and eliminate defective products. The test is a sample test and all important springs can be checked.

The impact test of the spring can be divided into two types: horizontal impact and vertical impact. The horizontal impact test can be performed on a pendulum impact testing machine, and the vertical impact test can be performed on a drop-weight impact testing machine.

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