Thermal Reliability Testing

Thermal Stress provides a realistic simulation of the actual thermal environment that the equipment experiences in the service application.

The factors considered in the definition of thermal stress include:

a) starting temperature (heat soak. cold soak) and turn on (warmup) time;

b) operating temperature (range, rate of change, and frequency of change);

c) number of temperature cycles per mission profile;

d) cooling airflow (rate and fluctuation).

Temperature Test Lab Equipment 

Most chambers have a working temperature range of -70°C to +200°C and can transition between temperature extremes within a few seconds. These chambers can accommodate smaller test items. Large items can be tested by using walk-in chambers.

Scope of services: Household electrical appliances, automotive parts, electric power tools, marine/fishing equipment, lighting appliances, information technology equipment, audio and video equipment, medical devices, power equipment, cable trays, wireless products, electrical accessories

Standard: GB IEC etc.

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