Vibration Test

Vibration Stress includes testing to levels and profiles tailored to the specified intended application of the equipment. The setup considers the mounting location and the classification category for field use. The factors considered in the definition of realistic vibration stress include:

a) type of vibration (sine sweep, complex, or random);

b) frequency range;

c) amplitude; and

d) manner and axis of application.

The intent is to produce a vibration response with a magnitude, frequency range, and duration similar to the field service environment and mission profile.

Service Scope: Household electrical appliances, automotive parts, electric power tools, marine/fishing equipment, lighting appliances, information technology equipment, audio and video equipment, medical devices, power equipment, cable trays, wireless products, electrical accessories

Standard: GB/T 2423.10  IEC 60068-2-6  EN 60068-2-6  ISO 8318  GB/T 4857.10  ISO 2247 GB/T 4857.7 etc.

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