Battery pack test

What does the battery pack test test?

The battery pack is composed of multiple batteries in series, so the test of the battery pack can be performed from a single battery, or from the entire battery pack system module, or the performance of the entire battery pack. The main test The voltage, capacitance, current of the battery pack and the safety of the battery and the service life of the battery pack are comprehensively evaluated for the battery pack. of the battery components.

How to test the battery pack?

To test the battery pack, you can test each battery of the battery pack, use a professional battery measuring instrument to test each battery, mainly test the performance of the battery including voltage, current, resistance and cycle life and other tests . Or test the entire battery pack. After the battery pack is fully charged, connect the voltmeter resistance wires of the battery to check whether there is a short circuit inside the battery pack and whether the battery reaches the rated voltage and rated current. Group tests are conducted with professional testing equipment.

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