Simulated Transport Vibration

Vibration exists in the entire circulation process of the goods. The packaging vibration test is to simulate the dynamic impact of the packaging on the package during the circulation process. The commonly used vibration types for packaging are sinusoidal vibration and random vibration. The sinusoidal vibration is mainly used for research and development. Resonance points, packaging optimization to avoid resonance points. Random vibration is used in the laboratory to simulate vibration during actual transportation. Random vibration is closer to the vibration hazard generated by the actual transportation environment.

       Packaging vibration test standards commonly used in packaging simulation transportation include ISTA series, ASTM D4169, GB/T 4857 series, GB/T 35774, ASTM D999, ISO3355, ASTM D4728, etc. The vibration frequency range in the simulated transportation is generally 1Hz~300Hz, and the energy is mainly concentrated in the low frequency region in the transportation vibration.

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