Salt-Fog Testing

Salt spray test is an environmental test that mainly uses artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by salt spray test equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. The salt spray environmental test is to use a kind of test equipment with a certain volume space - the salt spray test box, in its volume space, use artificial methods to create a salt spray environment to assess the product's salt spray corrosion resistance performance quality.

Salt-fog testing, per MIL-STD 810 Method 509, determines the corrosion resistance of materials and impact of introducing a humid, salty solution on electrical components. Salt is one of the most persuasive chemical compounds in the world and impossible to avoid. The worst salt fog effects occur in coastal regions. The effects of material to an environment where there is a corrosive atmosphere can be divided into three categories:

Corrosion Effects

Corrosion due to electrochemical reaction.

Accelerated stress corrosion.

Formation of acidic/alkaline solutions following salt ionization in water.

Scope of services: metals and alloys, road traffic, computers, electronic communications, electrical appliances
Standard:GB/T 2423.17; IEC 60068-2-11; GB/T 10125; ISO 9227; ASTM B 117;

GB.T 2423.18; IEC 60068-2-52; ASTM B 368; MIL-STD-202; EIA-364-26

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