UV Accelerated Test

Solar radiation compliance testing determines the effects of UV exposure pertaining to the physical and operational integrity of equipment. 

The heating effects of solar radiation differ from those of high air temperature alone in that the amount of heat absorbed or reflected depends on the roughness and color of the surface on which the radiation is incident. In addition to the differential expansion between dissimilar materials, changes in the intensity of solar radiation may cause components to expand or contract at different rates, which can lead to severe stresses and loss of structural integrity.

Solar radiation can cause the following heating-related (infrared portion of the solar spectrum) problems:

  • Jamming or loosening of moving parts

  • Weakening of solder joints and glued parts

  • Change in strength and elasticity

  • Loss of calibration or malfunction of linkage devices

  • Loss of seal integrity

  • Changes in electrical or electronic components

  • Premature actuation of electrical contacts

  • Fading of colors of color-coded components

  • Changes in characteristics of elastomers and polymers

  • Blistering and peeling of paints and other finishes

  • Softening of potting compounds

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