​Controller Test

Controller detection is divided into two categories:

1. Power-off detection (detection by diode)

1. Check whether the positive and negative poles of the controller power input are short-circuited.

2. Detect the parameters of the controller winding wire: connect the black test lead to the positive pole of the power supply, and use the red test lead to contact the three winding wires of yellow, green and blue respectively. The parameters are between 400-700.

3. Hall signal line detection: connect the black test lead to the black line and the red test lead to the four lines of red, yellow, green and blue, there should be no short circuit fault.

  2. Power-on detection

1. Check whether the input voltage of the controller power supply is above 36V (48V).

2. Check whether the Hall signal line has 5-7V voltage.

3. Check whether the power supply of the switch is more than 5V.

4. Turn the handle to check whether the signal line changes between 0.8-4.2V.

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