The solar photovoltaic test is because in recent years, with the increasing requirements for green energy, solar photovoltaic has gradually become the first choice for new energy and green energy in the 21st century because of its renewability, environmental protection and convenience of application.

Test items

Power output: power consumption inspection or input power/current inspection, the power consumption/input power/current of the solar lamp should comply with product specifications and safety standards

Charge and discharge performance: Constant current charging (CC), constant current-constant voltage charging (CC-CV), constant voltage charging (CV), and constant current discharge (DC) are often used in the laboratory to test and analyze the battery charging and discharging behavior. The step-by-step charge-discharge mode is mostly used to test the DC internal resistance, polarization and diffusion impedance performance.

Power output decay rate: PV module power decay test can be completed by PV module I-V characteristic curve test equipment

Detection range: Solar products

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