EMC Overview
EMC Overview

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electrical equipment, devices and systems to function properly and be compatible within their electromagnetic environment, and show no signs of generating, emitting or receiving electromagnetic energy causing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in other devices within the surrounding area.

EMI/EMC lab offers:

Antenna immunity to RF voltage, Conducted emissions, Conducted immunity, Electrical fast transient, Electrical surge, Electromagnetic field testing, EMC in-situ testing, EMC, EMI site surveys, EMC test plan design, EMI design hardening, Flicker testing, Harmonics testing, HIRF testing, Indirect lightning, On-Site EMC testing, Radiated electric field, Radiated emissions, Radiated magnetic field, Radiated susceptibility, Requirements gap analysis, Surge immunity, Voltage dips and interrupts

Product scope:

Household Appliances, Power Tools, Electric Toys, Lighting & LED, Office equipment, Smart home devices, Industrial, Scientific Devices, Electric Component, like electronic switch, dimmer, Other electrical and Electronics, like Power Supplies, PV inverters, IC Chip, Components and module, batteries, UPS, etc.

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